How To Order Keepsake Personal Photo Books

  • Select the "Standard Prints and Packages Photographic Paper" Catalog.
  • Select the green tab "Keepsake Photo Books".
  • Select the size book you wish to order.
  • When designing your page layouts, note there are 2 vertical red lines with a white gutter going through the center of the page.  This is the hinge  of the book.  If you place any image in this area, after time, the image area on this line will discolor.   We cannot be responsible for remakes if images are placed in this area.
  • The cover can be 1 full image or you can use the “pager tool” to draw in as many image nodes as you like.   Please be aware of the area that will be the spine.   This area is marked in the layout but it is an approximation.   Exact placement is not guaranteed.